Thank You

I would like to thank Arthur Abrams, my great and faithful musical collaborator during my entire career in the theater, who has now composed the music to 12 shows I wrote the Book & Lyrics to. He is an inspired composer and a brilliant musician, as well as a very nice gentleman.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Mark Marcante, my long-time director at Theater for the New City. He has now directed every show I have written that has been presented at the theater, starting with It’s an Emergency, Don’t Hurry.  Mark is an inspired director, as well as a wonderful set designer. The great look, fluid movement, and outstanding performances have all been due to him.

I would also like to thank Crystal Field, the executive director of Theater for the New City, for recognizing my potential and becoming a faithful champion of my writing. She has made the theater an inviting and inspiring creative home for me. She continues to champion new American writers and present their works. We can dare to write whatever we want, and she will be there to support our efforts. There is simply no one else in the American theater with her dedication to nurturing new American playwrights and continuing to nourish them throughout their careers. She is a unique treasure.