Digital Dilemmas

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Digital Dilemmas

DigitalDilemmas_Flyer Final 700

Digital Dilemmas shines the spotlight on a modern American family totally addicted to computers, iPads, iPhones, Androids and gaming consoles, just when they receive a visit from their eloquent and witty grandmother, who insists her smartphone is the dumbest thing she ever owned and prefers to remain in the analog age. As the confrontation heightens, she dares them to a challenge that any touchscreen age family might never recover from – going without their beloved devices for one full day.Let the withdrawal pains begin!

The musical brings laughter and insight to our obsession with digital devices and our struggle to tear ourselves away from them long enough to preserve our personal space, thoughts and sanity. It also explores romance in the digital age – with the story of a young man so addicted to online dating that he has totally lost interest in any of the women he knows personally, including the woman who’s perfect for him.

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