Dropping in on the Earth

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Dropping In On The Earth

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This was the first show produced at Theater for the New City that I was the sole author of the sketches and songs.

It’s a revue based on a tale about an intergalactic real estate developer, who claims he founded the earth as a park, but he has an offer to turn it into a resort. So he sends our two stars, Nebula and Spacedust, to see how humans are doing. Do they appreciate the earth? Are they behaving well? If so, he’ll forgo the opportunity. If not, he plans to evict the human race and go ahead with the developing the resort as a getaway in a really remote part of the galaxy.

Children loved it, and it ran for 19 weeks. The Villager gave it a rave review, dedicating a spread to the show and calling it “Delightfully funny.” Some of the songs were quite heady, especially Albert & Al Bert, a song featuring Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, and Bertrand Russell. Curiously, children listened to lyrics with rapture. Some of the songs are still timely, such as Your Love Gave Me Peace Inside, I Found Love Right Next to Me, and Mother Earth Sings the Blues. So are some of the sketches, such as All You Need is a Gun, and the finale, Interstellar Rockefeller, who shows up, furious about what he has been told about human behavior and proceeds to evict the human race from his beloved park.